At Cybility We Create A Positive Security Culture By Raising Awareness, Changing Behaviours, Educating, Mentoring, Playing, And Training. 

That's right; we did say 'playing'. Play can create a safe space for people to experiment, get things wrong, and try something different. It also enables increased retention and recall; we would all benefit from playing more.

Invest In Your People

We're firm believers in people being a vital part of an organisation's defenses against all manner of threats - whether deliberate or accidental.

When you provide them with the right environment, processes, tools, and support; they can become an effective part of your security defences.

74% of security incidents are due to the human factor

e.g. falling for a phish and sharing credentials, misconfiguring a system, losing a device, accidentally deleting files, and so on.

So why is it that so many organisations spend hundreds and thousands on whizz bang technical solutions from vendors giving false promises? 

Sense And Sencybility

We create tailored security awareness programmes for to meet the different needs of those in your organisation. Depending upon your requirements, this might include:

  • Games
  • Videos
  • Posters
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Executive briefings
  • Gamified e-learning
  • Blog/intranet articles

As a result you'll have empowered staff who are vigilant, feel confident to speak up, and take appropriate actions to protect your organisation.


    1-2 hours

    Board Members | Executive Team
    Senior Managers | Project Managers

    Subject Matter Experts: Communications | Finance  | Governance | HR | IT | Legal | Procurement | Risk


    1/2 day & full day

    Topic-specific, e.g. industry standard frameworks

    Process-specific, e.g. governance, risk, compliance, incident response, supply chain


    Our H.A.C.C.E.R. Principles

    Our training approach is centred around our H.A.C.C.E.R. principles, which ensure that our training is Human-centric, Active, focused on Changing behaviour, Customised, Engaging, and Rationale.

    Clear hexagon with a light blue border. Inside the hexagon is representation of a person stood in the middle of a circle on the ground.Our training isn't just about improving security skills; it's also about teaching people skills they can use in their own lives.   We understand that people are the biggest attack vector, so we train them to be more security-conscious at home and at work.

    Clear hexagon with a purple border. Inside the hexagon is a purple representation of a person with outstretched arms running to the leftWe use simulation to help our trainees build muscle memory and get hands-on experience that adds to what they already know. We add their feedback to the content to keep them interested and make sure they learn on their own. Our training focuses on developing habits and processes around behaviours, and stories help make sense of the content and improve retention.

    Clear hexagon with a dark blue border. Inside the hexagon is the outline of a square in the top left and the outline of a circle in the bottom right. There are two curved arrows between then signifying change from one into the other.Ticking boxes gives the impression of protection. Information alone cannot change behaviour. Instead, we evoke emotions with stories about security failures. We emphasise behaviour change rather than information.

    Clear hexagon with a bright orange border. Inside the hexagon are representations of two people. The one on the right is standing up and being measured by the person kneeling to their left with a measuring stick.We customise training for each client. We recognise that some training can be disconnected from our trainees' daily jobs, which can lead to disengagement. We collect data from and for the organisation to make training relevant and applicable.

    Clear hexagon with a bright red border. Inside the hexagon are two interlocking red circles with the outline of a loveheart beside them to the upper rightOur training is set up like a game, so you can have fun without worrying about failing. It is a well-known fact that students learn more when they are interested and having fun. Our lessons are fun, interactive, and have a point. They are done in groups, are repeated, and encourage healthy competition between students.

    Clear hexagon with a dark green border. Inside the hexagon is a green speech bubble person with a question mark and 3 lines on it.We make certain that our trainees understand the ‘why’ of the training.

    We question them about why they do or do not do certain things, what they already know, and how it relates to their roles.

    To summarise, we recognise that changing behaviour takes time and requires consistent reinforcement. To reinforce good habits and prevent relapse, we ensure that our training is repeatable. We take a methodical approach to our H.A.C.C.E.R. principles. Each client receives a programme that is tailored to their specific needs, is interactive, and focuses on long-term behaviour change.

    Flexible Delivery

    We're flexible and work with you to accommodate your preferred learning experience.

    Live online
    (i.e. remote)

    Live in-person
    (surcharge & expenses)

    Booking Options


    • Buy one workshop
    • Buy a workshop series package on a specific topic or process
    • For your organisation only
      • Standard content
      • Tailored content
    • Public workshop - standard content only
      (learn from other attendees outside your organisation)

    With our CybilityXP range of services you’ll:

    • Reduce the level of human risk;
    • Increase employee satisfaction and retention;
    • Increase staff adherence to your cybersecurity procedures;
    • Increase the organisation's ability to detect and respond to threats;
    • Be able to flex the level and type of services as your organisation's needs change. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we do offer discounts for charities that are registered in the UK.

    To claim this discount the charity must be active and currently registered with one of the following:

    • Charity Commission in England and Wales,
    • Scottish Charity Regulator in Scotland (OSCR);
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