The Cybersecurity Conductor’s Companion™ 

Cybility's Cybersecurity Conductor’s Companion™ is our unique methodology that provides a structured guide walking leaders through the steps they can take to make their organisation more cyber resilient.

It is made up of three major elements.

Cybersecurity conductor icon on a dark blue circle
The Cybersecurity conductor's companion graphic
Cybersecurity conductor icon on a dark blue circle


The Conductor is the senior leader in charge of cybersecurity for the organisation, e.g. CISO, CTO, CIO, Head of IT, Director of
Information Security, and so on.


The Orchestra represents two aspects.
First, the six staging pillars form the stage for cybersecurity resilience, each with a specific focus; and secondly, the different departments that will need to collaborate harmoniously across the organisation.


'The Pragmatic Protection Protocol' is a repeatable process comprised of the 6As.

These are applied to each of the staging pillars in turn, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity resilience.