Purple icon of a man walking up hill towards a flag at the topmentoring for individuals

Are you an individual interested in a career in cybersecurity and unsure where to start?

Or perhaps you're a current practitioner feeling disillusioned and considering leaving the profession?

Whilst family, friends and work colleagues can be great sounding boards; there's value in working through things with the support of someone independent with no vested interest.

We can help!

We have a proven record of helping job seekers go from being unable to secure interviews to getting their foot in the door, improved interview performance and, where it's the right match on both sides - securing that cybersecurity role!

Head and shoulder shot of Michala Liavaag. A brown woman with wavy long black hair is smiling broadly. She is wearing a dark blue dress with a narrow white border on the neckline and a narrow white stripe down the middle of the dress. She also wears glasses.

"I love sharing knowledge and lessons I have learned.

I enjoy having interesting discussions, learning new things and be reminded why I love working in cybersecurity.

I hope to inspire more people to join the cybersecurity field."

- Michala Liavaag

Group Mentoring


Purple background with a white shield edged with a lime green. The shield contains the WiCys logo and the words 'Proud to be a WiCys Mentor'. There is a bright blue ribbon across the bottom of the shield with the writing '23 CohortI am proud to be one of the Women in CyberSecurity's mentors.  The scheme enables me to provide mentoring to a small group of women; I also learn from each of them.

If you're a woman in cybersecurity and you aren't a member yet, do consider joining!

Cybersecurity Mentoring HubPhoto of a laptop showing a video call in progress, there are lots of different people on the screen. There is a green mug in the left hand corner.

It was Noureen, founder of the CyberSecurity Mentoring Hub, who inspired me to start giving back to the industry in this way.  She holds a monthly call featuring a presentation on a specific topic followed by Q&A for mentees.  

Be sure to check out their LinkedIn group.

One-to-One Mentoring


First-come, first served
Duration: 30 minutes
Per person limit: 1 per month
Slots available: 2-4 per week

I make a couple of hours available most Friday evenings for anyone needing support with a particular issue or signposting where to go next.


Invitation only
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Per person limit: 1 per month
Slots available: 1/2

This is reserved for a handful of ad-hoc mentees who I have offered additional sessions over time without formal committment on either side.


Invitation only
Duration: 60-90 minutes
Per person limit: 1 per week initially moving to 1 every 2 weeks
Slots available: 0/1

This is a long-term (typically a year) formal committment requiring dedicated time and effort from the mentee.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am oversubscribed at the time you need mentoring support, consider:

  1. Reaching out to one of the other amazing mentors at the CyberSecurity Mentoring Hub or the Cyber Mentor Dojo.
  2. If you're a member of a professional industry body
    1. Reach out to someone in the network. Lots of people are happy to support you for free on your career journey.
    2. Find out if they have a formal mentoring scheme in place, e.g.
      1. Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)
      2. ISACA London mentoring scheme
  3. If you still want to pay me for a session...yes, you can book a private paid session with me (subject to availability).

'A mentor is a more experienced individual willing to share knowledge
with someone less experienced in a relationship of mutual trust'
- David Clutterbuck

Having one or more mentors in our life can make a significant difference to both the direction and rate of growth in our chosen career, and as people. Although there are many 'flavours' of mentoring, they all have one thing in common; the mentee (person seeking support from a mentor) needs to be ready and willing to drive their own development.

'Mentoring is a learning relationship, involving the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing, and role modelling. The relationship may cover a wide variety of contexts and is an inclusive two-way partnership for mutual learning that values differences.'

EMCC Global

Yes, it is available as a paid service.  Please see the mentoring for organisations page.

As security professionals we already operate in accordance with the Code of Conduct of our professional industry bodies.

For our mentoring service, Michala is a member of EMCC UK and voluntarily adheres to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics.

This includes a duty of confidentiality to the mentee with exceptions for (a) their safeguarding and wellbeing and (b) references during the mentor’s supervision sessions.