CybilityXP LIVE - Level 1

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for employees

This course provides participants with information about some basic cybersecurity principles and how their behaviours affect the security of their organisations. This enables them to reflect on their behaviours and change accordingly.

In our live instructor-led cybersecurity awareness training, participants work together in a highly interactive scenario to stop a cyberattack by solving clues.

In Brief

Topics covered include: 

  • Attackers’ motivations
  • Social engineering techniques
  • Organisation’s information assets
  • Organisation's current cyber defences
  • Potential consequences of a security incident
  • How one’s own actions can impact the organisation’s security
  • What to do if they spot a security risk, an issue, or an incident


  • All staff (including those that consider themselves to be tech savvy)
  • Minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 per session

Duration: 2 hours

About the course

The CybilityXP Live Level 1 course has a comprehensive design aimed at maximum effectiveness of training objectives, with data collection to inform your security culture and human risk strategy.
Before the session:

  • Pre-briefing meeting to learn about the organisation to tailor our content.  
  • We encourage recording a brief video from an executive to play for participants at the start of the training, demonstrating senior leadership buy-in.

During the session: 

  • Participants anonymously respond to questions to establish what they already know (at the start) and what they've learned (at the end). This data can be used to measure both the efficiency and Return on Investment of the training sessions.
  • Gamified detective investigation to actively explore and discuss the content.
  • Game or simulation of one behaviour according to organisational needs or strategy, e.g., phishing.
  • Consolidation of learning points with a quiz tournament.
  • Opportunity for Questions and Answers throughout.

After the session:

  • A copy of 'Cybility Insights' which is a summary of the session including survey results and photos that can be used in internal communications.
  • Debrief session.
  • Each participant receives a digital certificate and a digital badge.
  • Optional: Post-training report presenting analysis of the behavioural data collected during the training, which can inform the human strand of your cybersecurity strategy.

Flexible Delivery

We're flexible, and work with you to accommodate your preferred learning experience.

We highly recommend the live in-person option for this course, bringing your staff together for an interactive session has the added bonus of team building. 

Live online aka virtual instructor lead training (VILT)

Live in-person
Client site or alternative venue

Cybersecurity Awareness Course Options

We provide 3 options, each with different levels of customisation; so there is something to fit the needs of every organisation.


2 Hours

Includes your organisation logo on training materials.


2 Hours

Includes tailored and personalised clues; a 'Cybility Insights' summary report with survey results and photos that can be used on internal communications.


2 Hours

Includes a high level of customisation, including use of your organisation's real social media and personnel.  An in-depth post-training report presenting our analysis of the behavioural data collected during the training session(s).

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training is:

  • Engaging: Use humour and surprises to create a playful state of mind, making information easy to understand and remember.
  • Created and delivered by experts: Benefit from over 30 years of combined experience in cybersecurity and adult learning.
  • For all staff: Whether staff are technically savvy or not, the content is designed to help them learn new things and change their behaviours. 
  • Inclusive & diverse: Respectful of each person's preferences and needs. Our examples include people of different ages, ethnicities and abilities.

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Here's a selection of what people have had to say about our approach to making, what many consider to be, a 'boring' topic relevant and fun.